Fit With Dario

Ho collaborato anche per qualche mese con Fit With Dario come responsabile Marketing, e social strategist (in quanto sono arrivato a interagire con questa realtà, tramite il mio lavoro di Social Media Manager per Officinema Roma). Qui sotto la decrizione.

“Created and ran by real, certified trainers, Fit with Dario is the first all-in-one fitness app that provides its users with proven training systems, daily workouts, variety of diet plans and hundreds of mouth-watering recipes. By gradually increasing intensity and duration of your workouts, this system will help you improve your strength, stamina and overall health, while burning fat and building muscle along the way. Regardless of your age, gender and current fitness level, you WILL get in the best shape of your life in only 12 weeks, without equipment, gym or starving diets. We already turned hundreds (thousands?) of average Joes and Janes into athletes, you can be next. Another thing that separates Fit with Dario from other apps is an option called ‘Radar’ that allows you to find and connect with other members nearby, build long-lasting relationships with like-minded people and become a part of something bigger than fat loss. Fit with Dario is not just another fitness app – it is a community.”

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